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Google Pixel 5 Android Handy – 128 GB Sorta Sage, SIM frei, ganztägiger Akku, wasserdicht

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Last updated on August 13, 2022 6:03 pm


  • Geben Sie Ihr Modell ein, um sicherzustellen, dass dieser Artikel passt.
  • Mit 5G können Sie Ihre Lieblingssendungen und -filme in gestochen scharfer HD-Qualität ansehen, sobald Sie die Wiedergabetaste drücken.
  • Laden Sie Ihr Pixel 5 kabellos auf oder verwenden Sie es, um Qi-zertifizierte Geräte kabellos aufzuladen. Es verfügt über einen ganztägigen Akku, der mit dem Extreme Battery Saver bis zu 48 Stunden durchhält
  • Erhalten Sie automatisch die neuesten Betriebssystem- und Sicherheitsupdates für mindestens 3 Jahre. Und der maßgeschneiderte Titan M Chip hilft dabei, das Betriebssystem und sensible Daten wie Passwörter zu sichern
  • Mit der brillanten Pixel-Kamera können Sie lebendige Fotos auch im Dunkeln mit Nachtsicht aufnehmen. Und bringen Sie Licht in Studioqualität auf Ihre Bilder von Menschen mit Porträt-Licht
  • Mit dem nach hinten gerichteten Ultraweitwinkelobjektiv bekommen Sie noch mehr Landschaften und Menschen ins Bild. Die integrierte Software hilft jede Objektivverzerrung zu korrigieren, sobald Sie die Aufnahme machen
  • Pixel 5 kommt mit etwas Wasser oder Staub gut klar. Das Unibody-Gehäuse aus Metall kann 30 Minuten lang in 1,5 Meter tiefes Süßwasser getaucht werden.
  • In wenigen Schritten können Sie Ihre Favoriten von Ihrem alten Mobiltelefon auf Pixel übertragen und loslegen. Verwenden Sie einfach den Quick Switch Adapter, um Nachrichten, Kontakte und Fotos auf Ihr neues Gerät zu übertragen

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  1. Mike

    I love it
    At first felt a bit too small as I’m coming from a Pixel 3 XL but I got used to it quickly.
    The phone looks amazing in that sorta sage colour, so much so I don’t even wanna wear a case (even tho I do)
    The battery looks promising as well, should be better than the one on my old 3XL
    Camera is very good as in other pixels
    Screen is great and sharp
    The Snapdragon 765g feels quick, no performance issues so far, but wanna see medium to long term how it will hold up

    No complaints so far, the phone is good.


  2. Deji

    Yes it doesn’t have the latest and flashiest chip set and perhaps you get the extra 0.5 second of image processing after you took a shot in difficult conditions, however the image will be probably very good. If you want a clean software experience in a small package with a great screen get this phone. I’m happy i did already and only been using it for 1 day. I wanted a more compact 6 inch screen forever and Google delivered 🙂


  3. Ludovico

    And it seems from the web that this problem it is quite popular..
    Most of the people that buy it, noticed as the images that there is a gap between the screen and the metal part of the body of the phone, that totally compromise the ip certification for water and dust resistance of the phone itself.

    Stay away from this phone, until google will update us about that..


  4. Eugen Stoica

    Reduced to one star as the company Google used for the free headphone offer are a complete scam. They were supposed to arrive withing 60 days but they have not. Clearly a dodgy company and Google will not help me with my claim even though it is a Google offer.

    I’ll probably keep this because the size is better for me than all the other huge flagships, but there are a few issues.

    As another review said, the speakers are embarassingly bad.

    The device feels great in hand and the UI is generally smooth.

    However, I have already noticed it starting to struggle when doing other heavy tasks due to the low-tier storage and processor. For example, trying to rotate a YouTube video whilst playing has a few seconds‘ delay. Night mode and portrait photos take much longer to process than other phones, and you’ll notice slow-downs in animations when your phone is doing its daily app-updates.

    If you’re not an intense user, you’ll probably love this phone, but if you’re into gaming and use your phone to edit videos, this is probably not the phone for you.

    The camera is the usual Pixel standard: great. However, the competition have caught up and I now find this takes blurrier photos of moving subjects than Samsung or iPhone. I’d guess due to Google sticking with their usual 4-year old sensor instead of a modern one like the competition.

    Basically, this device is ‚good‘, but not great. This is a £400 device with a £200 premium for having the ‚Google‘ name attached. There isn’t really enough here to separate it from the confusingly similar, but cheaper Pixel 4a 5g, so I’d probably go for that if you’re happy with a larger phone.

    Eugen Stoica

  5. Ludovico

    What’s sheerness? Even looking it up didn’t cast much light – to cause to swerve from course?! Is it, its attractiveness? I’ll probably never know.

    Getting back to the matter of the review, I’ve had to wait three weeks before giving mine because my first impressions were very mixed. I loved the smaller size which is easier to use with one hand and the camera was top notch. I used to take loads of pictures in the past with massive dslr cameras and in a way I think this is reminding me of that again. Let’s see how far it goes.

    On the other hand, the Pixel 5 was the first phone I’ve got where I wasn’t over the moon about it. As you probably already know from other sources, this phone isn’t exactly brimming with top notch tech for a ‚flagship‘. Even the camera I lauded is working off four year old kit! My outgoing two year old OnePlus 6T felt smoother and slicker in places. Every now I then I’d get a stutter on the Pixel 5 and I couldn’t help wonder if it was just a glitch or if the processor was struggling to keep up. Something, I seldom experienced on the OnePlus 6T. However, that phone and its manufacturer is a separate story for another time.

    Well, if you’re still with me then this is the really good part. Despite its glaring technical weaknesses, the phone somehow just works. There’s an attention to detail you start to notice after using it for a while that I have not seen in an Android phone in a really long time – the HTC Desire (circa 2010) brings to mind. The little flourishes all seem to make the sum more than the individual parts. Naming that song is built into the lock screen and just works without me frantically unlocking my phone and looking for Shazam or some other app. The voice assistant does so much more without requiring me to unlock the phone or giving it superpowers to do so. I’ve probably used it more on this phone than any other. The home screen is clean and somehow it manages to provide the info I need. Or, it’s a tap away.

    Some may start screaming privacy and that I’m the product but after a lot of experimentation with other solutions, I’ve thrown my lot in with Google’s Android – they’re really good and little wonder they dominate in so many spaces. Except for the keyboard where I use SwiftKey which is brilliant.

    Getting real, the pricing and the promotional Bose headphones tipped me over the edge with pre-ordering the phone. But, its taken me nearly three weeks to really grow to love this device. Its also the first mobile device that I believe Google hasn’t messed up. I look forward to what the Pixel 6 and 7 bring to the table.

    If you’re still undecided just go for it but give the device time to work its magic on you….